Builders Cleans – Commercial and Residential

At Cantab Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd, we pride ourselves in delivering a top quality job every time.

Once your Builders have finished we will be there with a team of cleaners and the right equipment to get your new house or premises sparkling, ready for you to move into or hand over to your clients.

On each job we remove any traces of dust and the reminisce of painters, plumbers and plasterers to leave only the results of your hard work behind.  Our staff have been trained in the latest window cleaning techniques and technology to remove paint, plaster, cement and Silicone.

Kitchen Clean Domestic Build Kitchen Clean Domestic Build Clean

We understand all the hazards of both commercial and residential building sites and are well equipped and well versed in all the latest Health and Safety legislation and have our own Health and Safety.

With our years of experience, we now work a long side some of the leading Commercial Construction and housing Companies in Christchurch. We are well accustomed to dealing with changing deadlines, and take these in our Stride to get the job done. If you have a plan we can quote from that, or you can simply call us for a no obligation quote.

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We are a Christchurch Cleaning business.